Platinum award for Lodge of Freindship

I visited friendship Lodge No 8275 on Tuesday the 7th of May 2024, and witness an excellent 2nd Degree ceremony, congratulations to all concerned especial Bro Trainer for taking his second regular step in Freemasonry. I had the honour of presenting the Lodge with two certificates of recognition, the first was a Gold certificate in reaching an amazing amount for the 2027 Festival appeal. The second Was to Present a Platinum Certificate in recognition of a magnificent sum £27,010.84, The First to be Issued in the Province. The Worshipful Master W Bro J.D Butler and Charity steward VW Bro William Henry Morley BEM were presented with a Platinum Lapel Badge and a Set of Festive board Gavels. The Provincial Grand Master RW Bro William. John Bewley and the Festival Executive are appreciative of the support given by all the members of Friendship Lodge. W Bro J.D Butler then Presented W Bro Nigel Thomason, Festival Communications and Progress Officer with a cheque for £2027.00. The cheque was graciously accepted, and thanks extended, to all for this generous donation.

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